Plugin leftover after uninstall

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Plugin leftover after uninstall

Recently I uninstalled the Litespeed cache plugin, I found some leftovers which I was unable to remove. can you please guide me on how to remove this? Leftover: The page I need help with: Hi, thats something added by CloudFlare proxy if its not too much trouble , may I know the reason why you uninstall it as feedback ? best regards, No, it was just a temporary uninstall, I installed it back. I have one more error in page speed insights due to the lite speed cache plugin. it is related to Browser errors were logged to the console . The link for that error is: If you didnt find the error, just run page speed insights for one of my posts, and check Best practices. Website: thats because you have enabled guest mode , sadly cant do anything to get rid of that , it was made to work this way