Plugin doesnt work with elementor editor

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Plugin doesnt work with elementor editor

Hey there, I love this plugin but i have a small problem, When i set the plugin to cache also for administrator it seems like elementor stop working and i cant make any edits with that. I also saw this post from the past and it doesnt seem like it fix the problem Is there something i can do to make it work while cache the administrator? Thanks Hi, what exactly do you mean by you can not make any edit with it ? like the editor doesnt open , or you made change it doesnt come to effect or something ? and also please provide the report number , you can get it in toolbox -> report-> click send to LiteSpeed Best regards, Hey, thanks for your replay and sorry about it, seems like my version was a bit older and i had to update it. So if i go into Page Optimization >> Tuning >> Role Excludes >> and i remove Administrator the elementor button on the top bar dont show up any more and i wasnt able to edit the page. It seems like it works on the new version but the problem is that the plugin dont cache the admin version so the reason it works is because when i set the Administrator to be cache as well it doesnt I tested on my localhost and not on live site, and i have sent the report like you asked. Report number: HUTTGOAZ Report date: 12/16/2021 20:56:58 Thanks Hi, yes, there is a compatibility issue with edit with elementor button we tried to reach elementor team to work out a fix , but they never responded , so you need to bare the old fashional way, as of go to wp-admin -> post/page to edit it Best regards, Hey, thanks for your answer, But i think my question have changed, Are you no longer allow to show cached version to the website admin? based on what i said on the last reply it seems like it no longer works on the newer version of the plugin. Hi, login user cache is individually controlled by option cache login the issue with elementor is that the edit page with elementor button in admin bar may not show up in some cases ,and you need to edit the page from wp-admin , instead of admin bar button or did i misunderstand the issue? best regards, Hi, yes let ignore the last problem because the problem changed when i updated the plugin. In the new plugin version if i go into Page Optimization >> Tuning >> Role Excludes and i dont have in there admin (so it mean it should have cahce for it) the plugin dont save cache for the admin. So what i mean is that in the new version the cache for the admin when i am logged in stoped working for me. no Page Optimization >> Tuning >> Role Excludes this option controls the optimization , not cache cache is in Cache -> Exclude -> role exclude