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Wordpress LScache Plugin: PHP Notice

Hi, I often get a bunch of such notices in my debug log: PHP Notice: Undefined property: LiteSpeed Img_Optm::$_img_in_queue in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/litespeed-cache/src/img-optm.cls.php on line 110 Hi, May I know what is your wordpress version and PHP version ? I am trying to reproduce it Best regards, Hi and thank you for your quick response. Wordpress version is 5.8.2, PHP version is 7.4.25. It seems that these notices are thrown when I upload images. At least the last ones were thrown right after I uploaded a bunch of new images. This is rather obvious, but maybe it can still be useful. Hi, cant reproduce it that way , could you please try a clean WP and see if it happens ? maybe some conflict with other plugin Best regards, @CacheCrawler I am not sure how I can test this because AFAIU I cant connect to Litespeed image optimization from local environment and I have no possibility to turn off plugins on my live site. you can clone and stage your live site for further test, that way it wont affect your live site Unfortunately, thats not possible either because I dont have enough disk space on hosting. BTW the error was already reported here ? and so its not something obscure. Hi, Yes I saw it before , but that topic has become inactive as we were unable to get the necessary information we need to debug it its not like just you post some log we will know what to do we still need to figure out how it happens to investigate why it happens Best regards, Thanks for the report, we are able to locate this issue happened only since PHP7.4+. The patch has been done in v4.4.6-a3. Will be in next release this month. Wow, thats impressive. Thanks!