Only optimize current images?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Only optimize current images?

I was very careful to only let certain image sizes be created when uploaded to avoid a server full of wasted space images. My woocommerce store gets shop image sizes, blog images use two sizes, and theme images are uploaded in the proper scale so only needs one. Now when I turned the image optimization on it ignored my code disabling creating image sizes and created a full set for every image on the server. This is not cool because I have to manually delete these files and probably what was put in the database now. So is there a way to stop this plugin from creating new image sizes and only optimize images that were already there? Otherwise, I cant risk having this plugin installed. Honestly, for image optimization, this seems to be the dumbest design. Ah wtf, just saw that it deleted the original sizes and only has what sizes I had left enabled. Three months of building this website to be clean of garbage in the database and this plugins ignorant design just screwed me. Hi, I am sorry to hear this the plugin itself does not create or resize any image, it only sends existing images for optimization and pulls back I am not sure how exactly you make it certain sizes to be created, but the plugin is reading the database to get the images source code for gather image: it gathers the images it sees in database, and if the image has record in database but not actually existed by manual intervetion , like your code to disable its creation , then plugin will mark such images as missing images and bypass them by default setting, it does NOT remove the original images , only when remove original backup option is enabled or user has manually run the remove original backup function. for the database , all the image optimization information are stored in wp_litespeed_img_optm andwp_litespeed_img_optming` for easy clean up. Best regards,