Number of Requests are High

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Number of Requests are High

HI Team Facing problems: 1. I have combined JS and CSS, still the number of requests are high. Most of the requests are from Google Adsense. But apart from that, the number of requests are high. 2. Not able to generate critical CSS as domain key is not getting refreshed. This is the error. `Notice: There was a problem retrieving your Domain Key. Please click the Waiting for Refresh button to retry. There are two reasons why we might not be able to communicate with your domain:: 1) The POST callback to failed. 2) Our Current Online Server IPs was not allowlisted. Please verify that your other plugins are not blocking REST API calls, allowlist our server IPs, or contact your server admin for assistance.:` The page I need help with: Hi, 1) it only shows 1 CSS from the domain itself , excluding the 3rd party ones 2) this request gives 401 error , which means you have disabled WP REST api or something restricted its access, please open it best regards,
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