Nonce error at checkout with Easy Digital Downloads

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Nonce error at checkout with Easy Digital Downloads

Hello, Im running into an issue that I cannot seem to properly resolve. I have the plugin Easy Digital Downloads installed, and when using the Paypal Standard checkout option, users are being met with a Nonce verification has failed error page. This is not happening for Stripe. This only happens when the Litespeed Cache is enabled. I do have Litespeed settings set to not cache logged in users. Furthermore, the checkout page is also set to not be cached through Litespeed, as well as through EDD. What could be causing this issue? I did have ESI Nonces activated and added the EDD Nonces from the Github: edd- private edd_ private However, this didnt seem to make a difference. Still, the only solution is disabling the cache altogether. Any ideas? Thanks! -Chris Hi, please provide the report number you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed best regards, @CacheCrawler Report number: IBWOTOXZ Report date: 03/21/2022 17:03:22 you set /checkout/ please try checkout alone , see if it helps Hello @CacheCrawler, I applied this change and still receive the Nonce error. the error happens on /checkout/ page ? have you checked with EDD team ? the nonce name , if I recall correctly , was supplied from them Hi @CacheCrawler I have posted a thread over on their support forums as good measure, but havent got much in response just yet. This is the URL at the time I get the error: checkout/?payment-mode=paypal&nocache=true However, this line changes depending on the default payment processor set, no matter which option you choose for checkout. The above is used if Paypal is the default processor. But the following is used if Stripe is the default processor, even if Palpal is selected for checkout: checkout/?payment-mode=stripe-prb&nocache=true Hello, I wanted to bump this thread as I am still running into the same issue months later. I have talked with Easy Digital Downloads support, and they say its not on their end and confirmed that I am using the correct ESI Nonces. Just as above, I still cannot use Paypal as a checkout option when the Cache option is enabled. Stripe works just fine. Im at a loss here as even after disabling all plugins except for those I absolutely need to run the basic site and store, I still get the Nonce error on checkout when navigating to PayPals checkout page. Reason: added ref video please create a ticket by mail to support at with reference link to this topic , we will investigate further.