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Wordpress LScache Plugin: No image in PDF

Hello, We have installed WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers plugin. But in generating PDF it is not printing background image. I have been trying to find the solution in their documents and found one possible reason. I am copying the text below. Is the voucher text blown up or generally not looking right? Please note that you cannot use image-compression plugins. It will be great if somebody can help me to exclude these images from being optomized? I would need detail clear instructions please. Thank you very much for the support Hi, please do me a screenshot on your image optmization page Best regards, Thank you for your response. Here is the screenshot Hi, sorry , I meant the stauts page , not setting page. Did you mean this Hi, yes, the screenshot you provided , indicates you did NOT have any image compressed by LiteSpeed Cache if you turn off the cache plugin , does that pdf thing work ? Best regards, Where do I turn it off? in plugin page , like any other plugin how you actiavte/deactivate Yes, it worked when I deactivated the plugin. Now I am sure because of this it was not including background image in generating PDF. How this can be excluded? try go to toolbox -> import/export , reset to default , see how it goes with default setting. I reset to default but unfortunately its not working. now that is weird please create a ticket by mail to support at with reference link to this topic we will investigate further. I have sent email. I will be grateful to get support. Thank you But I got automated response Regarding the support area: This email address is no longer being used. The administrative URL for this product has changed. You should visit to submit a ticket for your product. Once you have submitted a ticket, our team will reply to you as soon as we can. Thanks I am not premium member. Thats why cant open ticket. no , you used the wrong domain its litespeed , not lightspeed Sorry, Sent to right one now.
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