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Wordpress LScache Plugin: No cache-control on cached page

Hello, I use Litespeed cache and it work, but on cached page, it only show hit status, no cache-control:max-age for cached page. I use another service stand in front of the server, it use cache-control to check the page, if there have no cache-control then it only check the page once, no update! How can I add it? Thank you. Hi longnha, Could you explain specifically what you are looking for? From what I understand, you need the litespeed server to have a cache control header in order to make sure that your service will NOT cache the page (and therefore updating when it needs to be updated)? Let me know, Kevin Hi Kevin, I use Sucuri for security and it also offer CDN along with caching service, the cache is full-page and it use site-header cache-control to know when to update the cache. Under sucuri layer, is Litespeed server with Litespeed cache, as litespeed cache does not have cache-control which tell sucuri when to update, the end users will not be updated. Could it be something handled by Litespeed cache? Thank you. Hi longnha, Unfortunately, their cache will cause trouble. We use a tag based caching system. This enables us to quickly clear the cache of multiple pages as needed. Hypothetically, we could use their API to clear the correct pages, but that would defeat the purpose of our tagging system. You could try disabling their cache on the pages themselves (the .php), and cache everything else. That should cause no trouble from our end. Cheers, Kevin
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