Nav menu is not working in mobile due to lightspeed cache

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Nav menu is not working in mobile due to lightspeed cache

I enjoy using lightspeed cache. But recently I am facing issue with my lightspeed plugin. Due to lightspeed latest version, my Navigation menu in mobile is not working. I checked as according other posts guideline. Can you help me? With css minify presently both in laptop and mobile my page speeds are 100% that I do not want to loose. Please give some solution that will work for me. There is no other issue only I need that my toggle bar should work in mobile and table which is presently not happening. The page I need help with: Hi, So you mean if you turn off CSS minify , the menu works ? Best regards, NO if I deactivate the plugin it is working. Now when I was checking how to solve then found that maybe turning off css minify may work. I have not tried it as it will hamper my website speed. So please give some effective solution that will not hamper my website speed. Hi, first of all , need to locate which options caused the issue , then seek how to deal it further so please try and confirm if it was caused by CSS minify Best regards, yes, it is caused by CSS. I checked when all of CSS settings are off in Page optimization page of Lightspeed Cache, the nav menu is working fine. But when I am making the settings on of CSS, the nav menu is not working. Hi, okay , thats one step ahead , there are possible 5 options in CSS page , minify, combine , combine inline/external , UCSS and load async CSS now please try narrow down which one that is the culprit Best regards, Hi. I have the same issue. When I deactivate Litespeed cache, My menu in mobile starts working. But once I activate the plugin, The menu stops working. When I unselect JS or CS minify & Combine, the problem is still on and the menu doesnt work.