Might ESI be suitable?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Might ESI be suitable?

Hello. I have a website with Buddyboss theme (a social network theme). There are no guests, only logged in users interacting with each other with private messages, notifications, activity feed updates etc. I have a Virtuozzo server with Litespeed active, LScache installed but not active and Redis object cache. The directives of the theme say that I cannot have any form of active cache except Redis due to problems related to the overposition of data between users, messages not received or updated etc etc. ? Could ESI cache help, or could I enable something else? ? What and how could I implement Esi eventually? Could it improve (decrease) the requests to the source server since I cant have any form of classic cache? ? Simply activating ESI, without activating the general cache, could it lead to improvements at some point? ? What trick could I use through LScache if not ESI? I hope I was clear in the request Thanks for the support Hi, unfortunately no , for this kind of case , page cache or ESI doesnt really help, object cache will help a bit best regards,