Login Popup problem

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Login Popup problem

Dear Support, I have seen many different topics regarding the issue, but could not decide which would be the final fix on this, therefore i would like to ask You. In some cases ? not always ? when the user is logging in via the woocommerce popup login form it just denies the login and does not log in the user. For some users login must be tried 2 times, but for the other even up to 3-4 times until it happens. Also sometimes the issue doesnt appear? What is the final fix on this one please? On the site i sent You can see it under the bejelentkezes button. Thank You This topic was modified 8 months ago by btsbt. The page I need help with: http://qsm-test.bts.hu The form for login doesnt work as expected. Normally a form for login uses POST with an action. Your login form uses POST, but after login redirects to a page that cant recognice if a user logged in, because it is cached and a chached page contains no logic to identify if a user is logged in or not. A cached page is pure HTML and HTML cant to that. In my mind there are only 2 ways to solve it. 1.) Redirect users to a non cached page after they do login. 2.) Use standard method for login without popup login.