Litespeed with request a quote plugin

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Litespeed with request a quote plugin

Hi, Im using Litespeed and Im very satisfied, except for one little thing: Ive installed the plugin request a qoute from Woocommerce and excluded the quote page from caching. In the header of the website, there is a little icon with item count that shows how many products are in the quote basket. When you add a product to the quote basket, youll be redirected to the quote page and the item count in the header shows 1. Then, when you leave the page and go to the homepage, the item count jumps to 0, while the product is still in the quote basket. Then, when you go to a product page or any other page, it jumps back to one again. when you have for example three products in the quote basket and go to homepage, it jumps back to 0. When you then go to the product archive page, it jumps to 1, one some pages (without woocommerce) it jumps to 3, which it should be. But one some other pages (without woocommerce), it jumps on 1. Ive tried to add ttl= 0 to the shortcode of the page but without any result. When I deactivate Litespeed, it works fine. Please help me out. Kind regards, Linda The page I need help with: Hi, which page is the quote page? best regards, Hi, Thats assuming every time when something is added into quote, it redirects to /offerte-aanvraag/ page then please add this at top of your .htaccess RewriteCond % REQUEST_URI offerte-aanvraag RewriteRule . - [CO=quote_cookie:% REMOTE_ADDR : ] RewriteRule . - [E=Cache-Vary:quote_cookie] then purge all Hi, That works! Thank you very much. Kind regards, Linda Resolved