Litespeed preventing jetpack stats from recording on homepage and category pages

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Litespeed preventing jetpack stats from recording on homepage and category pages as per the above post. Jetpack has clarified that litespeed cache stops it recording pageviews in some circumstances that affect me. they suggest reaching out to you for a solution from litespeed. The page I need help with: Hi, please provide the report number , you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed best regards, thank you, here it is AZZBOTDE please try disable JS defer/delay or exclude jetpacks js from it , see how it goes they use a function called wp_footer() however i dont know how i can exclude a function from the litespeed cache do you know what the JS is for that please? please try add clickTrackerInit to Page Optimization -> Tune setting -> JS exclude and defer JS exclude save and purge all I made those two additions I also added them to: Guest Mode JS Excludes I now have page views registering for ? Home page / Archives awesome, thank you. YAY (capitals!) but stats dont show for categories,review/ again these two categories will have many thousands of hits please try disable instant click in Cache -> Advance , and then purge all apparently, does not support CATEGORY and TAG stats. does. could your workaround fix my no outbound clicks recorded problem ? have you tried to disable the instant click ? it will make page loading behavior different than normal browser does , that could lead some issue to certain stats counter feature i have that setting change runnins for a day or so and it doesnt look any different. ie zero (or one or two) clicks being recorded. there should be hundreds per day please confirm that if you disable JS defer/delay , it works ? js is deferred. always has been. ive never tried delayed.