Litespeed in combination with ShortPixel

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Litespeed in combination with ShortPixel

I am using Litespeed, since it works well with my hosting server (according to my hosting). I have uploaded the settings from a file that my hosting provided. Im very satisfied with Litespeed, however, I am using ShortPixel as well and noticed Litespeed does some image optimazation as well (webP). I do NOT use the webP optimazation with ShortPixel, I merely use the lossy compression for each of my images. So my question is, could this cause any problem or is it all good? I havent found any issues yet, but I just setted this all up so hopefully this is all okay. Just want to make sure to avoid any possible problems/conflicts on my website. Hi, it should be okay if an image has optmed before , LSCWP will skip it , and also still , attempt to generate webp whenever possible Best regards, Okay, great! Then Ill just use them both the way I had in mind. Thank you!