Litespeed break SEOPress sitemap

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Litespeed break SEOPress sitemap

After v4.4.6 I get the following error on 3 sites when trying to access the sitemaps.xml. All sites running SEOPress and the sitemaps are exempt from cache and other LiteSpeed optimisation. XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: Line Number 9, Column 117: var litespeed_docref=sessionStorage.getItem( litespeed_docref ) litespeed_docref&&(document.referrer=litespeed_docref,sessionStorage.removeItem( litespeed_docref )) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^ Update seams to be blank header on the xml and xsl files. /Bo This topic was modified 11 months ago by bcalles. My sites sitemap also not running. (SEOpress) Hi, please provide the report number , you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed was it working fine on v4.4.5 ? Best regards, Report number: BANGKVNE Partly working on 4.4.5, discovered an issue a couple of days ago, as with a browser cleaned for any cached stuff, an error message like the one in my original (maybe not total similar) would be shown, with an empty header. But after visiting the site and then going to the sitemaps.xml, all where working OK In v4.4.6 the last step above does not work (by visiting the site and then go to sitemaps.xml). /Bo please try this as a temp workaround if (strpos($_SERVER[REQUEST_URI], sitemap ) !== FALSE) define( LITESPEED_DISABLE_ALL, true ) The workaround do work on all 3 sites, thank you. Rank math issue should have been fixed just now in v4.4.7a1. Please give it a try , you can get it in toolbox -> beta test -> click dev and upgrade Testet with the v4.4.7a1 and it works (have removed the php code work around before the upgrade). /Bo
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