Litespeed & WP Cron Job, Real Cron Job

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Litespeed & WP Cron Job, Real Cron Job

Hi, I was thinking about disabling WordPress by default Cron job & creating a real cron job. So, I see the Litespeed related multiple Cron jobs running in WP Control cron events. Like, 1.litespeed_task_imgoptm_req 2.litespeed_task_lqip 3.litespeed_task_ccss 4.litespeed_task_avatar 5.litespeed_task_imgoptm_pull 6.litespeed_task_ucss All the above cron jobs are running every minute. So, my question is which of these cron jobs time occurrence can be increased like in > Once daily or twice daily, once hourly or twice hourly etc. And 2nd question is > I dont really use some of the features like litespeed_task_ccss, litespeed_task_ucss. So, can these be deleted or should I make it non-repeating? etc And the main thing is I was thinking about creating a real cron job with twice a daily event will that cause any issue with Litespeed cron jobs? Thank you. Hi, suggest you keep them intact , even you dont use these options , then the task will start and immediately exit itself out twice per day for cron is really low I must say best regards, Ok, @CacheCrawler thank you