Litespeed Cache often breaks Homepage CSS

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Litespeed Cache often breaks Homepage CSS

Hi, Litespeed Cache version 5.2 keeps breaking the css on cached version of my clients website homepage. I have to check the site regularly and purge cache. Can please assist on this issue? Report details as below: Report number: QYUGNOSP Report date: 08/23/2022 08:46:46 Thank you. The page I need help with: Hi, please be more specific about the term break how exactly does it break ? any symptom ? error message ? mis-behavior ? a screenshot will be helpful and also please check browsers dev tool , see if there is any error message shows up best regards, Hi, This is one of the affected site. The website CSS is not functioning as screenshot below. The website will back to normal after clearing cache. Website CSS Screenshot: Browser Dev Tool Error Code: Website Builder: Elementor 3.7.4, Elementor Pro 3.7.5 LiteSpeed Cache: Version 5.2 Report number: HVQNPAME Kindly assist on this. Thank you. Does Elementor have something like dynamic CSS ? Do you mean this kind of CSS? Hi, no no , I mean the options in Elementor -> Settings -> Advanced and Experiments tab Hi, Screenshots as below: 1) Elementor Advanced Tab 2) Elementor Experiment Tab please try enable CSS minify , purge all , see how it goes
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