Litespeed CSS throws 404 error

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Litespeed CSS throws 404 error

I keep getting this error on and off, where the website looks completely broke. Need to purge and/or refresh the page a few times to get rid of it. It is so frustrating. Ive tried almost everything in the plugin settings and nothing seems to fix it. The issues happens randomly and unable to pin point the exact cause. I get around 50 to 60 404 errors in the chrome developer console when this happens. And the litespeed folder in the wp-content is always empty. Also, I dont use any page optimization in litespeed plugin. The error: (I see around 50 to 60 urls like these in the developer console, all throwing 404 error) Im using Openlitespeed + Cyberpanel in digitalocean droplet. Please give me a fix for this. I really dont want to stop using litespeed server becasue of this stupid issue. I googled and found some people with the same issue [here] but there wasnt any solution to be seen. Please help. Report number: ZMGFEZMV Report date: 11/11/2021 19:37:10 Please try the latest dev version v4.4.4-rc2. This 404 issue is supposed to be fixed in v4.4.4. It is scheduled to release in Nov 23 2021. Hello, Thanks for the prompt response. Could you tell me where to find this dev version v4.4.4-rc2 ? Thanks. Hi, you can get it in toolbox -> beta test -> click dev and upgrade Best regards,