LiteSpeedCache + WP Super Cache?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: LiteSpeedCache + WP Super Cache?

Hi, We just got LiteSpeed + LiteCache for our dedicated server. Were using WordPress on all sites on the server with WP Super Cache as the main caching plugin. Im wondering, should I also install LiteSpeed Cache plugin alongside WP Super Cache plugin, or should only one of these two be used? Which one would be better? WP Super Cache is obviously more advanced and popular. This topic was modified 5 years, 8 months ago by deanysus. Hi @deanysus, It is not necessary to use both cache plugins if you just plan to use full page cache feature. LiteSpeed WordPress Cache plugin performs well with LiteCache. There are many benchmarks about both. e.g. Welcome to LiteSpeed Cache. @deanysus Dont run two caching plugins at once. IMHO. If you dont need some extra/special features of WP Super cache, like preload of the site etc, i would suggest to run LiteSpeed Cache. Also make sure you dont run any plugin that doesnt refresh well with LiteSpeed. Of cource the same goes for WPSC, some plugins are not supported. Disable WPSC for a while and try LiteSpeed, it doesnt hurt. And see for yourself if you like it. For me, it seems that WP sites with a lot of traffic will benefit from Litespeed Cache most, while small sites with little traffic will do better with classic php page caching plugins (with a big TTL). Thanks for the response, you two! Noted. Will test both to see the difference. It seems LiteSpeed just does whatever is most necessary without too much. What about the use of CDN? If you feel WordPress runs slow, you need WP cache plugin to speed it up. If your visitor from other countries feel your site is loading slow, you may need CDN. A not accurate example: WP full page cache is for server side script to server. Its for dynamic PHP -> static html. CDN is for server sources(html/css/images) to visitors. For example, your WordPress needs 5s to finish running PHP and fetching data from DB, and cost another 4s to send to visitors. With WP cache, you can eliminate that 5s. While with CDN probably you can reduce that 4s to under 1s.