LiteSpeed ESI include injects entire page HTML instead of ESI block code

Wordpress LScache Plugin: LiteSpeed ESI include injects entire page HTML instead of ESI block code

Im working with LitesSpeed support on this [Ticket ID: 484308], but I thought I would post in here too in case its something others have experienced. In short, Im working on a WordPress site thats running on LiteSpeed server through Hostinger. Ive included an ESI block in a page template following this documentation to the letter: It generally works as intended for a few minutes ? in this case, showing Hello World and then a random number with a ttl of 300ms (Ive also tested nocache). After a few minutes, if I go to the page in a fresh browser, itll load slower than usual and dump the entire homepage of the site in where the ESI block is supposed to be. Unfortunately I cant share the page or the code because of client confidentiality, but LiteSpeed support didnt find anything wrong with the code. Things Ive tried so far: Purging the cache (ESI block works again for a few minutes and then breaks) Putting Cloudflare caching into dev mode and disabling Cloudflare entirely (no effect) Trying to turn ESI on in .htaccess (Im not sure this is even a thing but it didnt do anything) Changing the location/name of the ESI block (result is always the same) My only guess is theres something conflicting with the caching or server config, or a stray WordPress plugin that Ill have to track down, but let me know if youve seen this before! Thanks in advance. Im also seeing errors while using ESI. In one of my sites, the ESI shortcode is returning empty string while logged off and using private mode. It work some times, and another doesnt. It also doesnt seems to respect the TTL set on the shortcode. Logged in users doesnt seems to be affected. The only fix I found was removing the ESI shortcode at all.
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