LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimization for Timber images

Wordpress LScache Plugin: LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimization for Timber images

Hi, Ive installed the plugin and Im using the LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimization function to generate webp versions of my images. Im using Timber (a plugin that lets you use twig templating and also has an image helper class) to generate images when requested, but these images are not regenerated by the plugin. Question: Is there a way to optimize all images in the uploads folder, not only the ones based on the Thumbnail Group Sizes? Thanks! Jan The page I need help with: Hi, unfortunately no , currently LSCWP can only optimize the images it reads from the database, like the ones you uploaded by Media page Best regards, Hi, Thanks for your response. Too bad this feature wont work for my specific setup. Ill look for an alternative. Kind regards, Jan