Lite Speed Cache / Elementor Conflict

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Lite Speed Cache / Elementor Conflict

Environment WP 5.8.2 LS 4.4.6 WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache 4.5.7 (just testing integration w/ Cloudfare) Elementor / Pro 3.5.3 / 3.5.2 Other LS Report # MTTNEWXL TLDR Everything was working fine (even w/ CF Cache) until I ran the LS Image Optimization results, which seemed to go fine. Now Elementor sub-menus no longer display when I hover over any menu w/ sub-menus. Conflicts w/ Elementor? I bet youre shocked?/s Example of Issue What should happen (in Elementor Page Preview) ? here What actually happens ? here Troubleshooting ? disbaled/enabled LS cache ? settings here ? purged LS cache ? purged CF cache ? turned on CF dev mode ? deactivated LS ? deactivated WP CF Page Cache ? logged out of WP Notes ? Installed WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache just for shucks to see how it would work with CF CDN. The only issue I had was that CF Cache recommended disabling LS Cache (in LS Cache Control Settings). But everything worked fine until I ran the LS Image Optimization. ? I have some time-sensitive deliverables, so I need to restore last backup (Image Optimization runs quickly, so I can always re-run if necessary) Basically, Im just hoping you can advise what might have gone wrong and whether youre aware of any conflicts (cough) w/ Elementor. Thx The page I need help with: Hi, there is no way image optimization will do anything to menu or something from worpdress/elementor point of view , no image is actually touched , the name is same , path is same , only the image itself is reduced in size what you descripted is more like related to JS or CSS optm , please try turn off them first and see how it goes Best regards, Sorry, didnt mean to imply that LS directly caused this issue ? but I get a lot of plugin conflicts where 2 otherewise stable plugins that just dont work with each other? But in fact, while I was waiting for the webp images to download, I did turn on CFs js/css minify option and that seems to be the culprit. Im about halfway thru the conversion queue and everything seems OK now? Thx so much for the tip!