LightSpeed Console Errors ? Broken Layout

Wordpress LScache Plugin: LightSpeed Console Errors ? Broken Layout

Hi LightSpeed. Weve been trying your plugin out on a few websites we manage to replace the current optiizer were using. When checking websites, weve noticed about once a week Lightspeed lights up our console with MIME errors and breaks our page layout (compression hiccups). Can you tell me what causes this and how we fix it permanently? Right now the only way to fix it is to purge all the caches, but this leaves our websites broken until its noticed and purged. Thank you! Screnshot: Console Errors This topic was modified 1 week, 1 day ago by Goldendust20. Reason: added screenshot The page I need help with: Hi, apologize for the inconvenience , this is known issue and we have a beta version to address it please try go to toolbox -> beta test -> copy paste this link then upgrade Best regards,