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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Lazy load some browsers

Hello lazy load is not working on all browsers. On a xiaomi phone default browser when lazy load is activated images are not displaying at all. All other browser that I use for testing is working good (chrome, safary, edge, firefox) what coud be the problem? Thank you. I hope my users dont use default xiaomi browser but maybe there is another browsers that dont display images. This topic was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by Bobkata. if (stripos($_SERVER[HTTP_USER_AGENT], xxxxxxxxxx ) !== false) define( LITESPEED_NO_LAZY, true ) add this at top of your wp-config.php , replace xxxxxxxx to a unique word from xiaomi browser user agent @bobkata There must be other reason why lazy load does not work for Xiaomi browser. Xiaomi browser uses Chrome and has Android OS, so excluding Xiaomi browser from lazy load will not work, because user-agent is the same as with Chrome browser. Would you provide us with a link to your page to investigate it?