LSCache Check page says not supported

Wordpress LScache Plugin: LSCache Check page says not supported

When I go to The LSCache checker page I get the message. x LSCache is not supported. When I check developer tools in chrome under the network tab I do not see any references to caching. Link to your site. Report number: This can give us a lot of very useful information. Navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Toolbox > Report, press the Send to LiteSpeed button, make note of the Report Number, and then post the number with your question so we can look it up. Report number: DGLQFOPK Report date: 01/23/2022 23:48:56 The page I need help with: Hi, because your server is not running on LiteSpeed , or your site is not running through QUIC cloud CDN Best regards, my light speed cache settings show CDN set to ON. Not sure what to do to get this working, can you please help me set the basic configuration. Thanks. even you have enabled that action , you still need to map the DNS in which I do not see you have done that. who is your DNS manager ? Thanks. Godaddy has my domain name. Hi any update? Hi, you can check this guide the DNS conf was made for CF, but the logic and steps is same for any other DNS best regards,