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Wordpress LScache Plugin: JS Delayed + URL excluded

Hi there, we activated your new JS Delayed feature. It halved our loading times, so great. But it didnt work well on some pages. So our developer created a snippet that disables that function on some URL like cart or checkout (also in secondary languages with WPML). Can I ask you to add this feature directly on the plugin? It could be also useful to exclude at all some JS from this feature, just like we already do with JS Defer Exclude. Thanks a lot. You should read documentation: https://docs.litespeedtech.com/lscache/lscwp/ts-optimize/ https://docs.litespeedtech.com/lscache/lscwp/pageopt/#js-excludes @CacheCrawler unfortunately your is not an useful comment. Ill wait for another supporter comment. Thanks the same! If you would read documentation plugin support would have more time to care about real issues. Your case is not new. Many other users had the same problem and thats why there is a solution for it, that can be found in documentation. @CacheCrawler were not joking. If a fix exists, please paste a link that points directly to it. Do not ask to find something in a documentations long tons of words. For your information we already take a look at the documentation, but we didnt find anything related to JS Delayed. Thanks. what about you just exclude these kind of page like checkout / cart from being optimized at all ? in page optm -> tune setting -> uri exclude Dear @CacheCrawler, why should I disable all optimization inside cart/checkout? CSS/JS minified are still useful there. But if I delays the loading of JS files there, Amazon Pay doesnt shows its login button for example. Same result with Apple Pay or Google Pay by Stripe and again other problems with PayPal. Its acceptable from desktop, because moving the cursor the JS are loaded without any evident problem on the screen. But from the smart phone its different. If the customer does not touch the monitor nothing happens there. When the customer touch the monitor there is an huge blocking time, because all JS must be loaded. In that case there is also a re-syncronization of the cart content? it is not a good experience for the customer. A customer could leave the page because could not understand what its happening. This is why Im writing you. I recall by default checkout/cart page is no-cache and optimization will not be performed on no-cache page are you sure you got minify and other things work on these pages? Ops, its true. CSS and JS files on the cart and checkout pages are not minified by default. While I confirm without any doubt that the cache doesnt works there. But so why automatically the JS Delay works there? Is should not be excluded by default? yeah , it should exclude I just test it on my test site , I can see the delay is not working on my site please try get the debug log , see what it says It sounds great. Well try it asap. Another question. Is there a way to exclude the Google Analytics js from this delaying? There could be some situations where the customer click on a link in page quickly, without waiting the loading of JS files. Mainly from smartphone where you can just click without scrolling or moving a cursor. I ask this, because after the delaying JS activation I saw a drop in visits by Google Analytics. Were occurring another problem related to this. There is an icon of shopping cart above the fold on our web site that shows the number of products inside the cart. Without loading the Ajax it does not work before clicking. I think that it is a common problem in a web site that sells online. Also in this case, maybe a feature to excluding some files would be good. yes , you can exclude GA JS as any other js file in defer JS exclude and JS exclude list. @CacheCrawler so using JS Deferred Excludes we can exclude from the delaying also. Thats fine, well try it asap. Thanks! yes , please give it a try and let me konw how it goes
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