Image submission

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Image submission

I am enjoying using this plugin for the most part. Cant say that for the image optimization part though. I was hoping I would be able to actually select my images instead of just submitting in bulk. Hi, May I know if there is any particular reason that you dont just want to optimize all images but selectively choose some of them ? Best regards, Well, I have other images like logos or icons that have already been optimized. Hi, understood , I will forward to our devs as feature requests if you set lossless optm , the plugin should be smarter enough to aware that image can not be optmed further , or only by small size like 1-2% also a quick workaround , if its only handful images you can go to file manager , or FTP , delete the images, and then copy-paste the image.bk.jpg to image.jpg (you must leave the image.bk.jpg file there , so copy it to a new name , then name it back to image.jpg ) this will act as manual intervention to restore the original backup while fool the plugin that this image has been optmed already best regards,