Image WebP Replacement of LiteSpeed Cache not working on Cyberpanel + Open Lite

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Image WebP Replacement of LiteSpeed Cache not working on Cyberpanel + Open Lite

I successful connected my websit to via LiteSpeed Cache But i cant config webp to work. Webp version of images sucessfull created but not being replace on front-end I try some research (and also read document to debug but not helped) make me think htaccess rules relate to webp not working with cyberpanel or Open litespeed. Can some one please help ? The page I need help with: Did you change the path ? it seems loading from , instead of domain if you have used 3rd party CDN plugin to rewrite the URL, please use the one come with LSCWP , that will retain the webp replacement Hi, i did not change the path, but my website is some type of reverse proxy. i mean, instead of my website hosted on subdomain See image There something we can do with htacess, OLS,? to make this work for reverse proxy wordpress sites ? I think I might have an idea, please enable the debug log , to see what exactly was going on when it checks for webp replacement , I think it failed to find the path or looked into wrong path Yes, mabe WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL) is the problem Another info may help, my and hosted on differenc host ( diff IP too ). Maybe the setting make Quic.Cloud / Litespeed think this is a directory on same host = same IP ? Report number: TJPBGWTL Report date: 10/07/2022 03:59:16 if these 2 sites are hosted on 2 different servers, then webp just wont work , the plugin need to file access to webp files to check its existence before replacement , since its external, it can not verify the webp existence