Image Quality Dropped and Google Discover

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Image Quality Dropped and Google Discover

Hi, after the recent update of light speed cache, i realised that maybe the image quality became more lower on mobile device. also i am seeing, maybe due to low quality of image post are not showing in google discover The page I need help with: Hi, if you have run image optimization with lossless , it should not lower the quality do you have some example image link ? best regards, is there any changes to image Optimization in recent Plugin update? You can check the homepage The images are blurred on Mobile Device, but if you see from Desktop Version, the ilage quality is Good Hi, this one did you remove the original backup ? and from what I know , recent update doesnt touch change the image optm , and when did you optimize this image ? hi i didnt change any settings. I updated plugins and after update i saw this change should i turn off loosely compression? turning it off will impact website speed? So, Suggest me what to do, Generally, i optimise the image upto 30kb. and the images are in PNG. But still the image quality was so good on Mobile Device. But from last few days when i open this ticket from that day the image Quality is so blurred on Mobile Device. But not on Desktop if you run lossly optm , it will certain make quanlity degradation , thats why its called lossly and loss-ly manner , in contrary of lossless , as not loss anything please screenshot me or photo me what exactly do you see on your phone , because it looks fine to me ,nothing blur
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