Image Optimization doesnt work anymore

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Image Optimization doesnt work anymore

Hi. A few days ago the Image Optimization stopped working. I push the images for optimization and nothing happens and I have to clean up unfinished data. I think someone suggested to do Destroy All Optimization Data. Does that remove all optimized images and start over? What if I already Removed Original Image Backups ? If I do Destroy All Optimization Data but already removed all the backups, will that mess things up? Hi, please provide the report number , you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Best regards, Thanks for the reply. The report number is AMVSGUQU. and do you know what are these 2 IPs ? one of them should be your site IP ? Im not sure which one is my website IP but .166 is the ip of my website hosting (according to the hosting control panel). then please go to QC dashboard -> domain -> setting -> server IP, update the IP to .166 one , and then clean up unfinished data and try again Thank you. That fixed the problem. It works now.
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