Image Optimization Stuck

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Image Optimization Stuck

My report: XAQMUFCO Dear LS Cache Staff, First, thanks for a wonderful product. I was truly amazed by the power of the product for many months until now Unfortunately, my LWSCP image optimization is stuck at 642 images. Tried to cleanup unfinished data, re-optimize once again, follow all procedures provided in support. Nothing. Even contacted my hosting provided. They cant help as well. Screenshot: Any ideas? Hi, It is possible your balance is not updated in LWSCP Plugin yet. Try to sync your QUIC Credit on your plugin dashboard. Well thats a good hint. It seems that i already used 100%. I bought additional credits though: Ok, bought more Fast Queue credits. It says that 30% used for now but optimization still stuck. I see that optimization size is growing, images are being optimized on QUID cloud here: But they are not being pulled back No idea what to do Also, what is even more worse. My paid queue is being used rapidly and no images are being pulled back: So, I cleaned up all the images, and destroyed optimization, did an api reset and still nothing. Images are not being pulled. Enabled debug, destroyed optimization once again and heres debug file: Can anybody from LS cache support staff take a look? Hi, [Img_Optm] failed to pull image: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired this is the issue download file make backup and replace it into your /wp-cinludes/certificates/ca-bundle.crt Best regards, OMG! Thank you so much. That was it!