I dont want to enable on entire network?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: I dont want to enable on entire network?

Hi I dont want to enable on entire network, but if I dont enable I cant control browser cache, I want to disable browser cache. Is it impossible to disable it on the network and enable it only on the site where I want the plugin? If I do this in the Dashboard it appears as [ON] Browser Cache If I disable it it goes [OFF] How to fix this? browser cache is an individual option at network-level and it only applies to static resources, please explain a bit what exactly is your issue with browser cache. Hi, the option is not available to me. for browser cache , you need to enable it at network , otherwise it wont show up alternatively , you can find many similar code snippet for static resources cache on browser in Google and manually add them I understand the strange thing is that it is marked as OFF when activated on the network, but when deactivated on the network it mysteriously appears as ON. Thanks. did you have something else is caching the system ? browser cache , object cache ?etc I deleted everything, reinstalled and now it no longer appears. Thanks!