How to stop AJAX call for Guest Mode

Wordpress LScache Plugin: How to stop AJAX call for Guest Mode

Hello, I am using Guest Mode and I am not using Guest Optimization. And I am not using any ESI for non logged-in users. So there is no content difference. Therefore I do not need the AJAX call to reload the the page. How can I stop that reload? Can you provide any snippet I can use in functions.php? Thank you. The page I need help with: Hi, what ajax call ? you mean the guest.vary.php one ? you can simply use rewrite rule to block it , like RewriteCond % REQUEST_URI guest.vary.php RewriteRule . - [F,L] though I do NOT recommend it though Best regards, Will it hamper guest mode to work? Im really enjoying guest mode. I just dont need the reload. Thank you. Hello, I applied the code. It creates 403 forbidden for guest.vary.php And thats not the case. One of my javascript files stops loading. So I quit the idea. Thank you for your time.