How to prevent cache for product filters result?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: How to prevent cache for product filters result?

Hi, I got problems on LiteSpeed Cache. I have a product filter that allow customers to sort and filter taxonomy to found suitable auto parts for their vehicles. I found the filter criteria will be cache to all customers. e.g. A customer search for Year 2020> Audi > TT, another customer even didnt input any search, they will got cache of same filter criteria. I have tried to disabled options one by one and added except cache URI and exclude JS until only can be fixed by turn off Enable Cache completely. Please help. Million thanks Million thanks Id prefer $1 million. I dont know how your filter works, but most filters generate $_GET parameters in URL. These parameters you can use to exclude URLs that contains these parameters from being cached. Yes, I have even tried excludeds URLs but still cannot make it works. the URL like: ?year_id=35394&make=48558&series=49048&category=149&action=vpf-ymm-search I have input one per line year_id make series vpf-ymm-search If you would provide us with a link to your page would help to identify the correct parameters. Thanks Ive just checked and this URL isnt cached, so excluding Queries from being cached works. But I dont understand what your problem is if more than 1 user searches the same? If a first request to a filter isnt cached the next user with same filter criterias gets a cached page, but each group of filter criterias generates a different URL, so each filter group has a different cached page. That means it is impossible that a user gets the same search result from another user if he uses different filter criteria! Hi @CacheCrawler , Thanks for reply. I think the plugin not just using $_GET parameters, if you get into the product categories and sub-cat with filtered results. You may see that the URL does include any other parameters. Is it possible to exclude caching by plugins? OR what other option I can try? Please suggest. Million thanks Sorry, I cant agree. Whenever I use the filter a URL with parameters is generated, but regardless of these parameters the cache plugin is a URL based page cache and whenever a URL changes a new static copy of the requested page is generated. That means that it doesnt matter if a URL is requested with or without parameters, it always is the same and if the URL changes a new copy is generated. I dont know where and how you see a filtered page without queries?! Your filtered URLs are already no-cacheIs it possible to exclude caching by plugins? No, because the cache is URL based and not plugin based.