How to add images to LQIP queue after clearing?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: How to add images to LQIP queue after clearing?

I was having problems with LQIPs not generating, I kept getting a try again in 5 minutes type message. I figured Id try clearing the queue, purge and start again. The first two steps were easy, but how do I get it re-scan and add images to the queue? From the help page: If you have images in the queue, you will see a Clear LQIP Queue button. You may press this to remove all existing items from the queue. Just be aware that in doing so, these items will not be processed by the LQIP service until they are added back into the queue. (emphasis mine) This implies theres a way to add to the queue but I cannot find it. This topic was modified 4 months, 3 weeks ago by rbabt. Hi, actually there isnt one but when you access a page that has no yet cached, the images in that page, will be automatically added into the queue best regards,
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