How to Optimize Speed for WP Bakery

Wordpress LScache Plugin: How to Optimize Speed for WP Bakery

hello wordpress masters, i have a speed optimization problem with litespeed, especially when using wp bakery plugins. any suggestions? The page I need help with: Did you ever investigate what could be the reason for your issue? If I check your page it takes only a few seconds to find the reasons. I dont know if Bakery caused it, but 50% of all requests goes to external hosts like Google, Facebook and so on. Each external request is like a brake. LScache would be able to load such sources delayed or async, but this optimize function doesnt elemenate the known problems with external sources, so you can speedup your page without any plugin for optimization if you kick off any social media plugin. Regardless this, the total sum of data that have to be loaded is more than 7 MB. With 7MB I can build 5 or more websites, so the trick for fast page load is to reduce everything you dont REALLY need and you dont need A LOT!