High CPU and errors

Wordpress LScache Plugin: High CPU and errors

When I turn on the litespeed plugin, my CPU increases and logs several errors? Hi, what are the logs ? and also please provide the report number , you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Best regards, Hi, sorry for the delay. The report number is: QWPZVTYP There are several errors, usually wp-cron and index.php errors, as well as increasing the CPU level to the maximum. ? CPU: 42% Memory (MB): 164 lsphp:____/public_html/____/index.php ? CPU: 35% Memory (MB): 138 lsphp:____/____/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php ? CPU: 0% Memory (MB): 9 lsphp cloudflare blocked my access if you disable the plugin , it drops a lot ? from the report , I dont see anything out of usual though. Hello, when I disabled i saw that improved. Ive unlocked your access, try to see again. In the morning generated again errors with lsphp and index.php. please share the error log , it may contains some hint. I found it strange that it is not logging anything in the Error Log, but it points to high CPU consumption by LSPHP. Today, even one of the errors generated 40593 memory failures. 2022-03-29 17:57:11 52 (CPU) 147 (Memory) lsphp:_/public_html/_/index.php There are many errors like this. interesting issue please create a ticket by mail to support at litespeedtech.com we will investigate further.