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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Headers already sent error on

Hi, I just updated LSCache to the latest version ( and Im getting the following errors: https://i.imgur.com/pU4wMrO.jpg Can you please fix it? Im on WP 6.0.1 and PHP 8.1. This topic was modified 4 months ago by kacper3355. Hi, I am trying to reproduce the issue did you do something when this happens ? or it just shows on every admin page ? Hi @CacheCrawler It just showed up on every admin page right after update. I didnt do anything besides updating Hi, I cant reproduce this on WP 6.0.1 + PHP 8.1 could you please create a stage site and see if it still happens there ? I got feeling this might be due to plugin conflict , but need to narrow out which one @CacheCrawler For some reason its not happening on dev site despite same plugins on both installations. I deactivated the plugin, then activated it again and the issue disappeared. Then I updated another plugin which caused the cache to clear and this error popped up: https://i.imgur.com/02yyfWv.jpg Any ideas? I doubt that its a plugin conflict. I did not install any new plugin in 3 months and Im using LiteSpeed Cache all the time, always installing latest updates. Heres the report number from affected site: GIVDEQBD ? hope it helps Hi @CacheCrawler, Is there anything else I can do to help to identify and fix this issue? v5.1 is ready. Can you use Toolbox -> Beta Test -> dev to give it a try? Hi @hailite To be honest, I cant really do it on production. On dev sites the plugin seems to be working fine despite the same setup (plugins etc). When will 5.1 be released? If its a matter of days, I can wait and let you know as soon as it releases. Bump v5.1 has just released today , please give it a try Hi @CacheCrawler 5.1 fixed the issue Thank you!
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