Header not working with JS & CSS minification

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Header not working with JS & CSS minification

Hey everyone, So Im trying to optimize my site, but with both CSS and JS minification on, it makes my website header turn from a white background to a see through one sometimes (see pic at end). Additionally, on mobile, it sometimes causes the buttons to become unresponsive on the header and footer. Im trying to find and exclude the problematic files, but Im having issues there as well. From my testing, I believe that there are both CSS and JS problematic files. However, Ive been trying to remove the files one by one off my exclude list, and Im not sure its working properly. Realistically, how long should it take for the changes to be implemented after I remove a file from my exclude list? I ask because Ive been removing them one by one, until eventually one broke the header again. The issue is, I added that file back, but the header is still broken. So now Im not sure if it was that file that broke the header or one that I removed previously and the changes just took days to come into effect, which would make testing take an ungodly amount of time. If it helps, Im currently only testing the JS files with the CSS options turned off completely. Header issues: https://i.postimg.cc/QdJSmzwr/Screenshot-2022-10-31-214015.png The page I need help with: http://taskelio.com Hi, if you believe both JS/CSS need to be excluded , you better enable only one of them first, so you dont get mess up working environment like you want to debug CSS issue first, then disable all the JS options firstly I would suggest to get to know which options that caused the issue , like if its caused by CSS minify , or CSS combine , or CSS combine inline/external , or UCSS, or load async css ?etc it should take effect immediately after you did a purge but you have another cache plugin in place, that could interfere as well though best regards, Hey @CacheCrawler, I appreciate the response. I do only have JS enabled at the moment, so thats covered. Okay, that makes sense. So if Im starting with debugging JS, I should remove all the excluded links, turn off all the JS settings, then turn them on one by one to see which causes the issue, correct? After that, then what? For instance, if JS Combine External and Inline being on is causing the issue, theres no area in the tuning tab for me to deal with that. Does that mean my only option would be to turn it off? One last question. You say the effects should be immediate, but my site takes a while to show other changes. E.g., if I change the colour of a button it can take 5 mins to hours to showcase the changes. Does that mean the changes after purging could also take substantial time? Thanks again for everything Hi, yes there are 2 field in tune setting for JS , one is JS exclude , another is defer JS exclude , the second work effects the option defer/delay JS , first one affects JS minify, combine, and inl-ext combine with LSCache , yes , the effect is immediately , right after page is refreshed , but in your case, you are not using LSCache , but other cache system , I can not tell how long it takes to effect for other cache best regards, Hey, That makes sense, thanks again! Im only using LSCache actually, which makes me wonder why the updates are taking so long. there was an x-cache: HIT yesterday when I check , but seems gone now @CacheCrawler it seems like you were right at my hosting provider had a front end cache enabled that I knew nothing about, which is why the updates werent immediate. Ive disabled that now, and testing is way easier. Although, it seems like Im unable to keep the defer setting on at all for JS. Even though I tried excluding the scripts that were running, it still breaks the site, so I cant even test it. It is what it is though. Thanks for everything. a simplest way to start with is to put wp-content wp-includes into both exclude list , this will exclude all the individual JS files , see how it goes first if this works ,that means your file is within these 2 directories and you can keep narrow down if this doesnt work , that means your code is probably inline code , you will need grab a piece of each inline code and put into exclude field