Hamburger and Search Stop Working With LiteSpeed Cache

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Hamburger and Search Stop Working With LiteSpeed Cache

Hi, I have just shifted to LiteSpeed server, and am using LiteSpeed in conjuction with Cloudflare and Autoptimize on Neve Theme, running WordPress 6.0 Back with my previous hsoting, my GPSI scores rarely reached 80, but with your plugin, I am seeing consistent scores of 95+. I cant believe that such a great plugin exists. Thanks for making it. Your plugin and AO are by far the best plugins on WordPress. However, the only thing pulling me back is some issues I am having with it and Neve theme. Whenever I use your plugin, my guest users start struggling to use the site. This is because of issues relating to Hamburger and Search not working. Since my homepage is a bit of a mess, please refer to this page, Best Alternatives The hamburger and search isnt working for users. To be clear, logged in users are able to use both these things. Moreover, clearing all cache makes things work again temporarily. Please advice, Thanks. please provide the report number you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Sorry for late reply. Report number: KMIPOCCM Report date: 07/06/2022 07:04:45 I have the same problem Report number: RDVOTHLR Report date: 07/06/2022 08:53:54 Theme OceanWP please try go to Cache -> ESI -> enable ESI add tgmpa- bulk- wp_rest into ESI nonce list then disable all the JS optimization for the time being and purge all and see how it goes Hey there! I have no Idea how ESI works! Nevertheless, I turned on ESI, added nonces. Heres how the nonces look now: stats_nonce subscribe_nonce tgmpa- bulk- wp_rest Also JS Minify -> OFF JS Combine -> OFF JS Combine Internal and External -> OFF Load JS Deferrred -> OFF I have purged all the caches and it works like charm for now. Since I want to have a working site, and have the JS optimizeation in place, What shall I do next? Please suggest. Hi, It works now. Im waiting your directions for optimizations because the score in Pingdom decreased. BR Update: Its been about 3 hours since I did the work you asked me to do. I had purged all caches, and done nothing after that. I reopened my site as logged out user, and the hamburger/search icon is still not working. Digging into the sources I see that Litespeed is still loading a JS file even after disabling JS optimizations in PagE Optimizations. I think the caching still works even when the JS optimizations are off. Also, just to be sure that the issue is from LiteSpeed only I just now tried deactivating LS Cache, and refreshing the page, and yes, my page works perfectly. Clearly the issue is with the JS in LS Cache, and I am not sure what is causing it. Let me know if you want me to do anything else. I dont see any optmed JS file , your browser has a page cache for few seconds , have you tried clean up browser cache ? Oh yes! Things seem to be much better now. However, since we turned off all page optimizations related to js, I would like to bring them back as well, because that was the entire purpose of using LS Cache. So, please suggest what should I do to keep my site working and get back those optimizations as well Hey! Sorry to bother you again! I am having a bit of trouble even now. Most of my pages work fine. But, my homepage, doesnt have working hamburger/search. Moreover, another page https:// is also unreliable in terms of hamburger and search. Few things to note: ? Most other pages are working fine after your suggestions ? These 2 pages work perfectly after clearing the cache in LS Cache. ? These 2 pages have lots of external JS files, which could be a possible culprit. ? No relevant issues are logged in the console for either of the 2 pages. Please note, that the register page is a hit or a miss, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. But, the homepage is never going to work unless I clear the cache. Since I am writing this to you, I will not clear the cache for the next 12 hrs for you to see. Looking forward to hearing from you. if you reset to default setting , but keep that ESI enabled and ESI nonce list , how does it go on your not-working-pages ? What do you mean by reset to default settings ? Are you expecting me to uninstall and reinstall the plugin to bring all the unset everything across all the pages of LS Cache? Also, just curious, is there any way to completely disable JS optimization on Homepage for LScache? yes , you can export your current setting into files, then reset to default setting and check how it goes first, so narrow down if this was caused by plugins bug , or some options you enabled yes , I have a way to disable JS optm for homepage only , add this to your wp-config.php , at top of it , next line after
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