HTML cache mostly missing, bad perf

Wordpress LScache Plugin: HTML cache mostly missing, bad perf

Hello, I have performance problems on my website, HTML documents doesnt seem to be cached or only for a very short time. (Homepage seems fine right now, but navigate through pages to see the issue) I configured many options like CDN, the crawler, even serving stalled content but performance are still bad (5-10s TTFB when cache is not hit, which happens often). I spent many times in the plugins options to improve the situation, but I cant find out whats wrong. Can you take a look and point me to the direction to increase cache hit please ? (I tried to use the submit tool in the plugin, but here the error I got with 5mn delays between each submission : ?chec de la requ?te via WordPress: [server] [service] wp/report) Have a nice day and thanks in advance, Ronan The page I need help with: Hi, first of all , please turn off QC CDN, this way we can narrow down if the issue is from plugin side or CDN side , and then see what to do Best regards, Hi, You can see the website without QC CDN on the preproduction environment here : The database was synced this morning from preproduction => production, and the website is on the same host, so performance should be the same. Best regards, Hi, okay , on that site 14:07 19:45 I checked twice today , it still on cache now please enable the QC CDN for this , and let me re-check Best regards, Hi, I tried to enable QC CDN last night on preprod subdomain, but its not as simple as I thought (CNAME issue). I disabled the CDN on the production environment like you asked first and heres a first check on the home page : Ill do another check later and tell you when the CDN will be enabled. Best regards,
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