HTML LazyLoad selector not working

Wordpress LScache Plugin: HTML LazyLoad selector not working

I am trying to lazy load HTML tags, children, using its id. Followed this same article but didnt succeed. So, please let me know what I am doing wrong here? Added this to textarea: Hi, please provide a sample page and indicate which part of it you want to lazyload it ? best regards, HI, Here is the demo page: id= lazy-loading is provided in lazyloading selector setting. Please check let me know what needs to be done. what makes you think it didnt work ? It was implemented to lazyload the video section which does not happen everything loads on the first render. Compare these 2 links. First, one lazy loads videos on the page which result in a speedy page load and with link 2 youll see all videos on the page load on the first render. On the first link, I am using a different plugin to achieve that. I have excluded the page shared with you to setup lazy load from Litespeed selector.
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