Gutenberg blocks and ESI doesnt work

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Gutenberg blocks and ESI doesnt work

Hello, I need help with understanding how to make gutenberg block work with ESI. Heres an example of code in my functions.php. I have ESI function that I use in different places of the website template (and its working fine), but I also want to use it in custom gutenberg block. I have registered gutenberg block with acf_register_block function, and used a callback, but nothings working in that gutenberg block. / ESI COUNTRY NAME / function esi_country_name() do_action(litespeed_control_set_nocache) $country_detect = do_shortcode([useriploc type=country ]) //Get user country name by ip if($country_detect) $country_name = Your country is .$country_detect.. else $country_name = Your country not detected. echo $country_name add_action(litespeed_esi_load-esi_block_country_name, esi_country_name) / REGISTER GUTENBERG BLOCK WITH ACF / function acf_gutenberg_blocks_init() if(function_exists(acf_register_block)) acf_register_block(array( name=>user_location, title=>User Location, description=>Get user location by ip., render_callback=>user_location_acf_block_render_callback, category=>formatting, icon=>menu, mode=>edit, keywords=>array(user location), )) add_action(acf/init, acf_gutenberg_blocks_init) / USER LOCATION CALLBACK / function user_location_acf_block_render_callback($block) echo .apply_filters(litespeed_esi_url, esi_block_country_name, Country Name). Expand