Gutenberg (Stackable Blocks) Background Images, Not Lazy Loaded

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Gutenberg (Stackable Blocks) Background Images, Not Lazy Loaded

Hi there I recently migrated over from Elementor to Gutenberg, and am using the Stackable blocks plugin for my page design. I am trying to figure out how to lazy load background images on my website. They seem to be missed by Litespeed Cache. I have a basic knowledge of how things work, and have also tried targeting the parent container of the background image, to HTML Lazy Load Selectors with no luck either. Backgrounds to containers have been applied in Gutenberg, using the Stackable Blocks plugin. Report number: MUHAVKHF Report date: 02/10/2022 22:00:05 Let me know if you need any more info, I really hope to resolve Thanks in advance Baz. Hi, when images are loaded by CSS, like background-image:url(https://.... , it wont be able to lazyload Best regards, Ahh I see, I thought that would be the issue, but had seen hints of maybe some people figuring it out, no worries thanks for the help. Im happy to find a different lazy load plugin, might you have any recommendations for good compatibility? Im using the Litespeed Cache image optimisation tools (which are amazing, thanks again!) Alternatively, Im happy to make the move to a different Gutenberg Block builder, like Kadence/Generatepress. Have you had any experience / recommendations to try any that might avoid this problem regarding background CSS images? Thanks in advance Hi, well , technically you can lazyload images in background , but it seems to be extremely complicated to handle , I am not aware of any it should be compatible with any kind of lazyload plugin ,as long as you turn off the lazyload option inside of LSCWP Best regards, Okay cool, no worries. Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it!
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