Guest optimization conflict with elementor preloader screen on chrome

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Guest optimization conflict with elementor preloader screen on chrome

Hello, Guest optimization is the only feature that really speeds up my site. Unfortunately, when I activate it, it makes my elementor preloader / transition page screen remaining (but transparent) on the page after the loading is complete. Which covers the buttons on the page and make them unclickable. On PC, it happens only in chrome but not in Firefox. On mobile, it happens on both chrome and firefox. That doesnt happen when guest optimization is off. I discovered that the issue is the elementor preloading screen by inspecting the element in chrome, the whole page is covered by that element : e-page-transition , and when I delete it or add display:none on it, the buttons work again. So is there any way to keep the guest optimization but to make that preloading screen work normally ? Thanks ! The page I need help with: Edit: The issue finally happens on Firefox PC too, so everywhere I guess. please provide the report number you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Sorry, here it is : ERFEJKPQ Thank you ! On top of that, I see that the guest optimization delays the loading screen apparition. It makes the loading screen useless because now the loading screen doesnt appear straight when the page is loading, it appears only 1 second when the page has finished to load, and then becomes invisible and prevents to click on buttons. please try go to page optimization -> tuning -> UCSS exclude, add / into the field , save, purge all and purge UCSS , then see how it goes
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