Guest mode ? causes Google to drop the page from Search Results

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Guest mode ? causes Google to drop the page from Search Results

Hello, I have noticed that when I enable the Guest Mode and Guest Optimisations, Google Bots have issues in crawling the page and after a few hours Google hides completely the pages from Search Results. I am adding exceptions in my firewall to allow access to the guest.vary.php (cant recall the exact filename), but this has no effect for GoogleBots. So, what else should I consider, in order to be able to enable the guest mode without these issues? Hi, please provide the report number , you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed and when you say bots have issues in crawling , what issue ? any more specific error message ? Best regards, Report Number: ETANODNP It looks like there is something that Google Bot dont like, or possibly cant access. Its the second time that I enabled the Guest Mode on this website and Google started completely hiding the page from search results (like its not in the index). The page was off of the SERPs for 10 minutes, then back to the SERPs for 5 minutes ? Until I disabled Guest Mode and the page settled back to the SERPs without problems. Checking with the ? The page was plain html, without styles and probably js. Using the various tools from Google (live test, rich snippet, mobile test), one time the crawler reports fine, the next time it reports that the page has problems (e.g. its not mobile ready). I feel it might be UCSS not nicely generated , if you check with your browser , how does it display on private window ? I cant say at the moment because I had to disable the GM ? its an important site at a critical season ? having the most important pages hidden from SERPs is totally killing the business. I will have to find a way and the time test this somehow ?