Frequent cache purge

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Frequent cache purge

Hi guys, So we are having problems with frequent cache purge, it can vary from a few minutes to a few hours. Currently we have the Purge All On Upgrade to off, all Auto Purge Rules For Publish/Update are unchecked, serve stale off, and the hooks are default. Also the Product Update Interval is set to Purge product and categories only when the stock status changes. We also use crawlers to visit the site for 2 times a day. Also we activated the debug mode for admin only and didnt find any purge events. (only on product updates, but this is normal). Maybe its some kind of plugin? Dont know how to figure this out. Already read the posts on litespeed cache webpage and some other posts about this but none helped. So if anyone can help, thanks for in advance! The page I need help with: all purges go through the plugin should have logged in log do you have root access to server ? if plugins log doesnt show anything , you can only monitor it from server-side log do you have pattern for how/when it happens ? like if you were doing any specific action ? Hello, No access to root server but I could ask the guys from the server for some kind of log? Also no pattern, from what we could tell this happends without us working or doing anything on site. Also switched the debug mode to all and one page had the cache purged but no log about this. Its interesting that only one category page out of five that I manually loaded the page half an hour ago had the cache purged. I think it is DirectAdmin ? Do you have multiple wordpress sites within this same account ? Yes, its DirectAdmin. No, just one. But we also have staging website. debug mode for admin only and didnt find any purge events. (only on product updates, but this is normal). try enable it for all , and please share some of these purge event on product updates Hello, I did that but did not find any purge events. Also if all its activated I can see in the log just the last few entries (cant see all the log). In the last few days the cache seems to purge less often but no ideea why is this. Thanks you can raise the log size , and then use FTP or DirectAdmins file manager to view it Where can I find the log file? it should be /wp-content/debug.log /wp-content/debug.purge.log /wp-content/crawler.log