Force UCSS / CCSS for one page

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Force UCSS / CCSS for one page

Hello, I noticed that some of the pages are displayed with issues after ucss is enabled and generated. While other show fine (having the same css files). I deleted all UCSS and the issues seem to be gone after the ucss is regenerated. Now, i have this page with issues, and i would like to force the regeneration of ucss only for this page, not for the whole site. How can i do this? Thank you The page I need help with: I was able to force for the page with the issue by going to wp_content/litespeed/ucss folder and manually delete the file, then clear cache and wait for the ucss to be regenearted. it worked, however, the procedure is slow and out of hand sometimes. Maybe a way to do this via admin panel? Thanks Hi, if (strpos($_SERVER[REQUEST_URI], xxxxxx ) === false) define( LITESPEED_CONF, true ) define( LITESPEED_CONF__OPTM__CSS_ASYNC, false) define( LITESPEED_CONF__OPTM__UCSS, false) try add this into your wp-config.php , next line after