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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Flash of unstyled content

Report number: MOMVWEIE Report date: 06/08/2022 00:33:32 Hi. Ive recently enabled load async and the content of my site flashed and doesnt load properly in visit especially if you visiting the site for the first time. Im attaching a drive link containing a video and screenshot of the issue. Issue video and screenshot The page I need help with: https://tajop.com/ I watched the video , but where is the FOUC ? I dont know what to call it but you can see clearly in the video the price section is hidden and comes back after some time. Also the product slider jumps down after the products are browsed. if CCSS generator didnt properly generate the CSS for that price display , you may need to manually add it into it by use option Page Optimization -> tune setting -> Critical CSS Rules