File .css does not exists on server.

Wordpress LScache Plugin: File .css does not exists on server.

Hi everybody! Im hahving an issue weird on my website. Not currently and not frequently, but, every two or three weekends, my website appears broken. When I inspect, the file .css which is refered to as stylesheet, it doesnt exists in the server. Im using CDN with Cloudflare and Elementor as page builder. There is no way to reproduce the error, it happens suddenly. I created an report and its number is: ITMSMRJW The page I need help with: Hi, if you are using CloudFlare page cache then you will need to disable CSS minify , CSS combine, JS minify and JS combine Best regards, Hello! But why does those things are happening? I mean, why does the file .css got excluded or it did even never had been created? And why must those two options be disable? Thanks! when you enable aforementioned options , the JS/CSS file will be minifed/combined and gets name like /wp-content/litespeed/css/xxxxxxxxxx.css , when cache is purged or css is updated, next time it could have different name , for example /wp-content/litespeed/css/yyyyyyyyyyy.css this is okay if you are using LSCache , because both page cache and CSS are purged and updated at same time however if you have 3rd party caching , when the CSS name is changed , that CF page cache will not be purged by LSCWP so your CF page is still linked to xxxxx.css while the actual latest file is now updated to yyyyy.css , and since LSCWP wont be able to purge CF page cache, and that leads to 404 Hi! After disabling the options mentioned, the error continues happening. The file .css which is mentioned on html it does not exists on my server. please do me a screenshot on the network tab and also error message when you have this error There is no message error. Even with the configuration set to not minify and combine CSS, the plugin continues to do that, even when I clean the cache from Cloudflare and the css cache. The screenshot of the source code of my website The screenshot of my configuration:
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